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So my that's my first entry here ^.^. I hope I will make job here haha.

So at first I want to tell u some important things about being Gyaru .

1. False eye lashes - that's very important and a must-have! There are tons of different styles for lashes. The most important thing is (in my opinion) to like it how you look with them. Also you should go for your Gyaru-Style like Hime-Gyaru, Onee, etc. Here in Germany it's a bit difficult to find good eye lashes. So for myself I buy them on the internet. And don't forget the bottom lashes, too!

2. False nails - they are cute and make ur style. You can get some at a nail art designer, but it's also a bit hard to get good ones here. I will put some links on this blog for internet shops so don't worry ^-^.

3. Make up - Well that's the most important thing! The basic products are: BB creme, powder, eyeliner (black), mascara, rouge and eye shadow. (Tutorials will come later).

4. Hair - The standard is long hair and blonde. But it's not a must-be. But u can also wear wigs. That's common, too. For the perfect hairstyle u should use a curling iron. (Tutorial later)

5. Fashion - Always after the trend please. It should your image (for example Hime-Gyaru). Glamorous is important but cute, too. You should be sexy! Always be sexy. For Hime-Gyaru it's like kawaii haha.

6. Accessoires - Earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. A popular symbol therefore are for example bows.

7. Personality - Be cute, brave, say what you think, don't be afraid, love yourself, be cool and (!) outgoing.

Ok I hope I didn't forget anything :P.

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Hey gals! My name ist Coco and I'm from Germany. Well 'Gyaru' is still a bit unknown here. But that doesn't matter ^.^. Please enjoy my blog ♥

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